Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Vampires - Myth? or Plausible Reality?

ORIGIN is Released July 2013

Prior to writing Origin I was what I would describe as being a 'traditionalist Vampire fan', Bram Stoker being the benchmark, although I enjoyed Blade as a good action romp I was always left feeling a little unsatisfied.

For me as a romantic but factual person, basing my life on scientific theories and beliefs I was always slightly unable to commit to say 'Twilight', it just seemed all too male 'Dominated' and non-factual and non-scientific and shaky  But you have to commend the series itself for its blistering success.

But for me, I always wanted to delve into the possible plausible science behind the Vampire's abilities. And hence Origin was born, over a cup of coffee.

Scientifically Origin explains properly the abilities of Vampires, how they fly, why they live so long, why they are so resistant to death and why they need to feed on human blood. No scientific stone or explanation is left untouched.

The key for me, is it possible for vampires to exist? Yes! is it possible for the species to have the powers suggested? Yes!

That is when the shiver went down my spine, for all the hype and fantasy around Vampires the one thing I did not expect was that I would actually become more afraid of them as I wrote my book about them. An unexpected side effect of proving that such creatures could exist but probably actually do, possibly.

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