Friday, 22 March 2013

7 Writing Tips

7 Tips for New Writers

My Seven Tips for Writers

1.    Find your writing style and stick with it. My style is fast paced. What is yours?

2.    To be a good Fiction Writer - You need Imagination! Can you visualise the world you are creating?

3.    I started with short stories this is one of them … 'Lilly & the Machines'

4.    Good advice to new Authors, start with short stories and try them on your friends.

5.    Be inspired by an Author. My inspiration was the great Isaac Asimov, his advice to budding writers. 'Just do it'

6.    If you get feedback on your story, good or bad. Take it! It's gold dust!

7.      Lastly, when ready. Get a blog, a Facebook page and oh and of course > Twitter to share your work

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