Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Rewriting the Vampire Genre

Origin (Vol I)

Origin rewrites the rule book on Vampires. You will meet Jayne Breggar a young intelligent Chief Investigator, bored and over protected by her father figure Police Director. However, over the course of three short days, her boring job becomes a desperate fight for survival against a old world long lived species. As old as life itself. She leads the resistance and fight for the survival of all humankind. She finds love and realises her true potential.

Be taken on a action packed journey from Richard the Lion-heart to Olympus Mons. A fast paced, Horror, Fantasy Romance Action Adventure.

Discover the truth behind Vampires, where they came from, how they fly, why they are hard to kill and why your teenage daughter or son just might be one.

This is fast paced with original characters, you will feel like you are actually part of the adventure and part of the battles and scenes. A book you will not put down once you have started.

The premise is original, fact based and brings a new dimension to fear and legends.

True characters from old world central European history lead the cast as you meet Giure Grando, Arnaut and Maria.

Discover what no government wants you to know, that Vampires are not myth nor legend or religious mumbo jumbo but are real, the reality is always more frightening than the myth.

Already spending three weeks in Amazons Best Selling Top 100 Horrors. And when on promotion was the number 1 most downloaded Horror on Amazon. Origin II will follow soon.

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