Saturday, 1 June 2013

Origin tackles the Mars Radiation Issue. How? Find out here.

When I wrote Origin, one of the big issues is the lack of a electromagnetic shield like the one that protects us on Earth.

Mars shield faded away around a billion years after it's formation. But this for me was key, I used this to explain a great deal about the Origin's of Vampires and also explained how human's coped with the radiation on a future colony on the red planet.

I will hold back a little as this is all explained in my Novel Origin, but you will not be disappointed.

Its a Mould breaking Vampire reboot that will explain the things no other vampire novel or story dares to touch. It does not shy away from the hard realities, nor does it try and explain Vampire abilities as some dark force of evil. Simply put, humans whether normal or vampires have a biological explanation in nature that is far more scary than some hocus-pocus elves or diamonds rubbish that readers have been forced to accept from some lazy writing in the past.

You will never view your children the same again.

Its Horror Sci Fi at it's best. Awesome premise that you will not be able to put down.

See the BBC link to the radiation problem of Mars, Nasa explains!

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