Friday, 7 June 2013

Newspaper Scare Stories - Statistics Don't Lie

Good afternoon,

Seeing as the good old UK press have all jumped on the scare the public bandwagon today I thought I would join in too.

Below are some scary and not so scary facts to lose sleep over.

100% of all the people you know, including you will die. (Sorry to shock you)

100% of you will be born on Earth. (Yep I know amazing)

100% of you will breathe an Nitrogen Rich gas called Air. (Yes it is true)

100% of you will drink water in some form or another. (George Best may have argued this one)

100% of you will grow older. (Darn it)

100% of you will have a head. (Some may not use it, but that is not the point)

100% of you will eat food of some form or another during your life. (Models may argue this one)

100% of you know there is a funny white disc that appears in the sky called the Moon.

100% of you will know what rain is.

100% of you will have seen a cloud.

100% of you will know fish live in water.

100% of you hiccup at some point in your life.

100% of you go to the toilet in one form or another. (Please try not to think about this one too much)

100% of you read statistics.

100% of me could not be bothered to continue to write anymore.

Smile, live, breathe, laugh

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